Auspicious Wedding dates 2011

You may probably know that Chinese people usually choose an ausipicious date for the wedding. Choosing a good date for marriage will bring fortune and luck to both the couples and the two families involved. As a result, choosing the date becomes a very important issue.

2011 is the year of rabbit in the Chinese calendar. Here is a list of 2011 auspicious wedding dates. You can also take it as a reference when you are thinking about your big day. Since it is based on the Chinese calendar. The list is from Feb 2011 to Jan 2012.

Chinese Lucky Wedding Dates in 2011


  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Admin,

    We are planning to get married on 11/7/2011, will it be a good date?

    Me- 31/10/1986 (Tiger)
    Him- 21/5/1986 (Tiger)

  2. Sanjeev says:

    Hello, We are looking for good wedding dates in 2011.
    my birthday is May 16 1970
    my fiances birthday is November 17 1980
    We are both looking for positive date for our future!
    thank You so much!

  3. Angela says:


    Planning to have my wedding on this period September – December 2011. Appreciate you could help us to choose a good day.

    Groom: 13th June 1985 (Ox)
    Bride: 06th Oct 1985 (Ox)

    Hope u can drop me a reply to my email. Thanks =)

  4. catherine says:


    is 3rd sept 2011 good for our wedding matrimony?
    bride: 11 Aug 1981
    groom: 04 Dec 1982

    the wedding ceremonial is on Oct 1st 2011.
    Thank you.

  5. kristen says:

    hi admin,

    thanks for sharing the auspicious dates with us! =) we’re planning to get marry this 24th September 2011. Can you see if this is a good date for us or if there’s alternatives?

    his birthdate: 23rd December 1986 (Tiger)
    her birthdate: 25th July 1986 (Tiger)

    Thank you so much for your great help!!


  6. Christine says:

    Both of our birthdays are 2/2/1975. What is a good date for getting married in 2012?

  7. Cheryl G says:

    Hi, pls give dates which are good to get married for 2011 to early 2012. My bday 6/26/86, him = 9/18/83. thanks

  8. Cathy says:

    Hi – my fiancée is Indian and I am white his birthday is 12.30.71 and mine is 10.17.75, we would like to marry in Nov, is there a good date anytime in Oct-dec 2011 for us? Thank you.

  9. alvin says:

    may i know which a lucky days sat or sun 2011 is suitable me to get a married?

    alvin :05/11/1984
    my dad:17/10/1949
    my mum:27/01/1952
    her dad:03/08/1950
    her mum:07/03/1955

  10. babam says:


    My niece is getting married and she wants to know the most auspicious wedding date for the month of August and September 2011.
    joy;s bday- 1/29/79
    mon’s bday – 12/12/76

    thank you.

  11. JhaneMendoza says:

    kindly advised me when is the lucky day for the june to get married>>> and also wat is the lucky color???

  12. Mary Grace Unabia says:

    Im looking for good wedding dates in 2011.
    I was born on March 22, 1983
    my fiances birthday is on July 2, 1983

    We are both looking for positive date for our future!
    thank You so much!

  13. Roxanne Seneres says:

    Hello what is a good wedding date for me?

    Me — May 19,1981 (rooster)
    My Boyfriend – Feb 18,1975

    We plan to marry within June to Sept 2011

  14. Png says:

    Hi, can u help to see if 10th dec 2011 is an okay day for my Bf and I to get married? We plan to hold our solemnization on that day. I’m born 11/12/1983 boar; he is 23/08/1978 horse. Thanks!!!

  15. ray says:

    Hi can you check if 3 dec 2011 is a good day for our wedding
    Male : born on the year of Ox 14 mar 10985
    Female: born in the year of pig 17 mar 1983
    parents (male)- dad -monkey 1956, mum (rooster- 1957)
    parents(female- dad- rooster 1945 mum (monkey- 1944)

    Please advise


  16. RB says:

    I wanted to know what is the best/lucky wedding date for the month of June 2011 for me and my fiance? It would be nice if it falls on Saturday or Sunday.

    My birthday (bride): July 26, 1980
    (Groom): July 31, 1972

    We are both Leo.

    Thank you so much.

  17. Gin says:


    Can you kindly tell me what dates are good wedding dates for us.

    Prefer Fri or sat and months of March 2013 through to March 2014.

    Me: 11/06/75
    Mum: 29/12/45
    Dad: 27/08/42

    Him: 09/09/72
    His mum: 25/05/47
    His Dad: 25/03/45


  18. admin says:

    Hi Gin

    There are quite a lot of good dates for you. Can you give us a short period e.g. 3 months instead of giving us 1 year?


  19. Leo says:

    Hi Admin,

    Any suggestion for auspicious dates for end 2012 to end 2013?
    Groom: 5 Dec 1981
    Bride: 16 Oct 1976

    Thank you!

  20. admin says:

    Hi Leo

    There are quite a lot of good dates for you. Can you give us a short period e.g. 1 or 2 months instead of giving us 1 year?


  21. Leo says:

    Hi Admin,
    Umm.. we are looking for wider date choice in case banquets fully booked so something…
    How about Mar 2013, May 2013, Jun 2013, Jul 2013 and Sep 2013?

  22. Leo says:

    Hi Admin,
    Any updates?

    Any suggestion for auspicious dates for May- Oct 2013?
    Groom: 5 Dec 1981
    Bride: 16 Oct 1976

    Thank you!

  23. admin says:

    Dear Leo

    Groom: 5 Dec 1981 Rooster
    Bride: 16 Oct 1976 Dragon

    Here are the good wedding dates for your reference

    2013/05/03 Fri 農曆03月(大)24日 沖猪(癸亥)煞東
    2013/05/04 Sat 農曆03月(大)25日 沖鼠(甲子)煞北
    2013/05/07 Tue 農曆03月(大)28日 沖兔(丁卯)煞東
    2013/05/10 Fri 農曆04月(大)01日 沖馬(庚午)煞南
    2013/05/14 Tue 農曆04月(大)05日 沖狗(甲戍)煞南
    2013/05/19 Sun 農曆04月(大)10日 沖兔(己卯)煞東
    2013/05/22 Wed 農曆04月(大)13日 沖馬(壬午)煞南
    2013/05/26 Sun 農曆04月(大)17日 沖狗(丙戍)煞南
    2013/05/28 Tue 農曆04月(大)19日 沖鼠(戊子)煞北
    2013/05/30 Thu 農曆04月(大)21日 沖虎(庚寅)煞南
    2013/06/03 Mon 農曆04月(大)25日 沖馬(甲午)煞南
    2013/06/07 Fri 農曆04月(大)29日 沖狗(戊戍)煞南
    2013/06/08 Sat 農曆04月(大)30日 沖猪(己亥)煞東
    2013/06/10 Mon 農曆05月(小)02日 沖牛(辛醜)煞西
    2013/06/22 Sat 農曆05月(小)14日 沖牛(癸醜)煞西
    2013/06/23 Sun 農曆05月(小)15日 沖虎(甲寅)煞南
    2013/06/24 Mon 農曆05月(小)16日 沖兔(乙卯)煞東
    2013/07/01 Mon 農曆05月(小)23日 沖狗(壬戍)煞南
    2013/07/02 Tue 農曆05月(小)24日 沖猪(癸亥)煞東
    2013/07/04 Thu 農曆05月(小)26日 沖牛(乙丑)煞西
    2013/07/11 Thu 農曆06月(大)04日 沖猴(壬申)煞北
    2013/07/17 Wed 農曆06月(大)10日 沖虎(戊寅)煞南
    2013/07/18 Thu 農曆06月(大)11日 沖兔(己卯)煞東
    2013/07/23 Tue 農曆06月(大)16日 沖猴(甲申)煞北
    2013/07/26 Fri 農曆06月(大)19日 沖猪(丁亥)煞東
    2013/07/28 Sun 農曆06月(大)21日 沖牛(己醜)煞西
    2013/07/30 Tue 農曆06月(大)23日 沖兔(辛卯)煞東
    2013/08/04 Sun 農曆06月(大)28日 沖猴(丙申)煞北
    2013/08/06 Tue 農曆06月(大)30日 沖狗(戊戍)煞南
    2013/08/07 Wed 農曆07月(小)01日 沖猪(己亥)煞東
    2013/08/08 Thu 農曆07月(小)02日 沖鼠(庚子)煞北
    2013/08/09 Fri 農曆07月(小)03日 沖牛(辛醜)煞西
    2013/08/18 Sun 農曆07月(小)12日 沖狗(庚戍)煞南
    2013/08/20 Tue 農曆07月(小)14日 沖鼠(壬子)煞北
    2013/08/26 Mon 農曆07月(小)20日 沖馬(戊午)煞南
    2013/08/31 Sat 農曆07月(小)25日 沖猪(癸亥)煞東
    2013/09/01 Sun 農曆07月(小)26日 沖鼠(甲子)煞北
    2013/09/03 Tue 農曆07月(小)28日 沖虎(丙寅)煞南
    2013/09/05 Thu 農曆08月(大)01日 沖龍(戊辰)煞北
    2013/09/07 Sat 農曆08月(大)03日 沖馬(庚午)煞南
    2013/09/08 Sun 農曆08月(大)04日 沖羊(辛未)煞東
    2013/09/11 Wed 農曆08月(大)07日 沖狗(甲戍)煞南
    2013/09/13 Fri 農曆08月(大)09日 沖鼠(丙子)煞北
    2013/09/15 Sun 農曆08月(大)11日 沖虎(戊寅)煞南
    2013/09/20 Fri 農曆08月(大)16日 沖羊(癸未)煞東
    2013/09/23 Mon 農曆08月(大)19日 沖狗(丙戍)煞南
    2013/09/25 Wed 農曆08月(大)21日 沖鼠(戊子)煞北
    2013/09/27 Fri 農曆08月(大)23日 沖虎(庚寅)煞南
    2013/10/05 Sat 農曆09月(小)01日 沖狗(戊戍)煞南
    2013/10/06 Sun 農曆09月(小)02日 沖猪(己亥)煞東
    2013/10/18 Fri 農曆09月(小)14日 沖猪(辛亥)煞東
    2013/10/19 Sat 農曆09月(小)15日 沖鼠(壬子)煞北
    2013/10/20 Sun 農曆09月(小)16日 沖牛(癸醜)煞西
    2013/10/21 Mon 農曆09月(小)17日 沖虎(甲寅)煞南
    2013/10/22 Tue 農曆09月(小)18日 沖兔(乙卯)煞東
    2013/10/31 Thu 農曆09月(小)27日 沖鼠(甲子)煞北


  24. Leo says:

    Thank you Admin

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