Auspicious dates and timing for chinese wedding

It is important to most chinese to choose auspicious dates for

Are you getting married in the dark?

Other than the wedding date, some will also choose a good timing for the bride to enter the groom’s home.

The teochew believe that the bride should enter the groom’s family home before sunrise. The more liberal will consider sunrise anytime before nine in the morning. Otherwise, the groom will fetch the bride while it is still dark.

How to select Auspicious dates and timings?

Auspicious dates and times are usually selected by either consulting

  • chinese monk,
  • temple official,
  • fortune teller,
  • chinese calendar, or
  • chinese almanac.
chinese calendar
chinese calendar

The bride’s and groom’s birthdates and times are required for selecting the dates.

Those who have good grasp of the chinese language may select the dates from a chinese calendar or chinese almanac.

Usually even numbered months and dates are preferred. The lunar seventh month is avoided for all wedding related events as it is the month of the chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.

Can’t book the wedding banquet on the auspicious day?

Chinese wedding dinner setting
Chinese wedding dinner setting

Some popular chinese wedding dinner locations require reservations more than a year in advance.

Chinese calendars and chinese almanacs for the following year are published towards the end of the year. If you are planning a wedding more than a year in advance, they may not be available yet.

If so, you may consider having the wedding dinner on another day. Having the banquet on another day can be easier on the budget as some restaurants charge more on popular auspicious dates.

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