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Traditional Chinese Wedding Dresses

t is being said that marriage is fixed at the heaven and we humans are just like a puppet that walk through the path of life to finally choose our partners. Since ages, marriage is considered a very sacred ritual where a girl and a boy tie their knot and wish to spend rest of […]

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Chinese Wedding Tea ceremony is performed during a Chinese wedding. Tea is used in Chinese wedding ceremonies mainly because Tea is China’s national drink and it symbolizes respect. Using tea in weddings is practical because not everybody can drink alcohol. The tea ceremony is considered a significant event in a Chinese wedding. The bride is […]

Chinese Wedding Traditions – Marriage Customs

For the Chinese people, the purpose of marriage is to continue the ancestral line and to create alliances between two families. As the world changes, Chinese wedding traditions have evolved and changed as well. Unlike before, only a few traditionsin weddings had survived the centuries and became a part of the modern day weddings. However, […]