Choose An Auspicious Wedding Date – The Chinese Tradition

Importance of Choosing An Auspicious Wedding Date

Your wedding day is, probably the most eventful part of your life, and so careful planning is essential to ensure that everything is perfect. The choice of the gown, the venue, the food, the number of guests, the souvenirs, the date, and other details must be thought of carefully.

Many couples differ in their decision with the regards to the perfect wedding date. There are, after all, several factors that may influence the decision. Some choose to marry on Valentine’s Day, some choose the day of their engagement as the day they will also get married. Others tend to be more superstitious, and they rely on astrology, feng shui, and other Chinese beliefs and traditions, to set the date when they shall walk down the aisle.

Indeed, for many people choosing an auspicious wedding date is just as important as, or even more so, than the other details, in planning a wedding.

How To Choose An Auspicious Wedding Date

To help you choose an auspicious date for your wedding, you can consult a Chinese monk, a fortune teller, a Chinese calendar or a Chinese almanac. In most cases, you will be asked some basic information, such as your and your partner’s birthdates. In most cases, too, you will be advised to get married during even-numbered months, and to steer clear away of the seventh lunar month because it is during this time that the hungry ghost festival is celebrated.

An astrologer or a fortune teller should be able to help you pick the most auspicious date for your wedding. Then again, if you do not want to go to a traditional astrologer or fortune teller, the World Wide Web can provide you with many other resources. Online, you can find hundreds of sites dedicated to this sort of thing. There are Auspicious Date Online Service sites that allow you to make a query with regards to your wedding date. Such sites normally require you to submit basic information such as the name and gender of the would-be bride and groom, the date and time of their birth, and likewise, the name, gender, date and time of birth of their parents. You can also state your preferences – the month or period you would like to have your wedding; would it be on a weekend or a weekday? The convenience offered by modern technology sure makes looking for an auspicious wedding date a lot easier.

If you do not want to consult a fortune teller or a Chinese monk, online or otherwise, then your next best alternative is to consult the Chinese calendar. A typical Chinese calendar has the date printed in Gregorian; underneath it is the date in Chinese. Further below that is a section for feng shui and astrology that state whether that particular date is auspicious or not.

A Lucky Day – August 8, 2008

Interestingly, for the year 2008, the most auspicious wedding date is said to be on August 8, 2008 or 8-8-88. Accordingly, the number 8 is a symbol of eternity and infinity, thus getting married during this time should bring you lots of love and luck. If you have noticed, the number 8 interlocks just like two people in love. And the interesting point here is that, this auspicious date is not based on the Chinese calendar!