Do You Want to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitation?

According to a survey reported by CNNmoney dot com, the average spending on a wedding is USD27,000 in 2006. This is not really a small amount of money. Indeed some couples may find that weddings are something quite expensive, if not extremely expensive. To this end, a couple will probably like to seek for different ways to save money for their wedding.

Although the cost for producing wedding invitation may not be too much compared to other items for wedding such as the cost of taking wedding photos, it is still worth lowering the cost for making the wedding cards. The cost can be controlled by different ways. Money can be saved by choosing the right material, controlling the printing processes adopted, using a ready made envelop and pay as much as attention to the proof reading of the wedding card.

Choose the right material

The material contributes to about 50% of the cost for a wedding invitation. There is no doubt that the cost of using a glass bottle will be a lot higher than using a printing card. Assuming that a couple will choose a printing card, different kinds of paper will still play a significant role for the cost of the wedding invitation.

Some people are eager to get a thicker card. However, the cost of a card, of 300gsm, say, is more expensive that a card of 200gsm. A balance should be taken for the thickness and cost. Normally, a card of 210gsm to 250gsm will be good enough since the “total thickness” will be doubled when it is folded.

Besides the thickness, the type of paper chosen also affects the cost. Usually paper with recycle contents is more expensive. A couple may still go for that even if it is more expensive since we should try our best to protect our Earth. Paper with texture and sparkling effects will also cost more. You can always ask your printer for different kind of paper in order to get the cheapest and most acceptable one.

Control the printing and post printing processes adopted

It is a common sense that things involve more processes will cost more. This is also true for printing your wedding invitation. A card with one color printing will be a lot cheaper than a card with four color printing. Of course it will be more flexible with a four color printing, but a card with only one color can also be excellent. A black and white wedding photo delivers a quality of romance which is beloved by many professional photographers.

Embossing and hot stamping are also post printing processes that will make the cost of wedding invitation higher. In fact the costs of embossing and hot stamping are usually determined by the area of getting embossed and hot stamped. A larger area will lead to a higher cost. If you really like the effects of these processes, you can lower the cost by controlling the area of embossing and hot stamping.

Choose ready made envelopes

You will certainly need envelopes for your wedding invitation. Choosing a ready made envelop will make the cost a lot lower. Tailor made envelopes can cost as much as USD3.00 each. It is sure that a tailor made envelope will be a bit more elegant and interesting since you can control not only the material used to make the envelope but also the way of folding.

However, ready made envelopes are usually good enough for your wedding card in most cases. In fact wedding invitation providers usually have different collections of ready made envelopes for you to choose from. You can try to choose the one you like most from these collections and take the idea of tailor made envelopes as the last resort.

Read the contents of the invitation carefully

You should always read the contents about the details of the wedding ceremony and reception on the wedding invitation carefully. You may need to print the whole thing again if you find that there are mistakes after all the invitation cards are printed.

As a result you should never think the proof reading is something unimportant. You will need to take extra care on the spelling of the words, and also the date and time of the wedding reception.

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