How to Plan for a Fall Wedding Reception

When planning a reception for a fall wedding, there are several considerations that you may find unique to this time of year. Here are a few examples of things to keep in mind as you plan a wedding reception in the autumn of the year.

Climate Control will be one concern for the fall wedding reception. When it comes to autumn, the weather can be very unpredictable. The day of reception, you may see sunny skies and higher temperatures, or you may find yourself facing chilly times. For this reason, make sure you plan the reception to take place inside, where you can adjust the thermostat and ensure the comfort of all the guests.

When it comes to food, call upon the bountiful harvests of the fall to plan out the menu. Roast turkey, succulent hams, plenty of fall vegetables, and plenty of pies that feature such fall treats as cherries and pumpkin should be the foundation for your fall wedding buffet. In keeping with the fall theme, keep it casual, so everyone feels comfortable helping himself or herself throughout the reception. Remember that the food does not have to be fancy, but is should be plentiful and tasty.

The music should be more relaxed as well. Go with selections that are more in the way of toe tapping sounds, and have plenty of music that the guests can dance to. If you don’t have room for a band, then recorded music will do nicely. Make sure you have an emcee that can keep tabs on the CD player, and you will be able to have one song lead right into the next with no problem.

When it comes to the tables, make sure you use plenty of fall colors on the centerpieces.  Gather colorful leaves and mix them in with flowers that are in bloom. You can work ribbon in as well. Or you may want to float wild berries in a dish and place a pillar candle that picks up a fall color, such as orange or pumpkin and flank it with a few fall leaves. Just make sure you leave plenty of room for people to sit down with their full plates and large glasses.

Drink is another item to plan out for your fall wedding reception.  It is always a good idea to have both hot and cold beverages on hand. Consider a nice hot spiced apple cider, as well as plenty of coffee on hand for basic hot drinks. If you can be sure the weather will be cold on the day of the reception, you may want to include hot chocolate for any children who are in attendance, as well as for those who are young at heart.

A fall wedding reception is the perfect time to recognize the changing season, even as you recognize the new beginning that is being undertaken by two people. By drawing on the changing colors of the season, turning to the traditional foods of bounty that many people tend to associate with the fall, and enjoying the first wisps of cooler weather that are coming to us after a hot summer, you can come up with plans for a fall wedding reception that will be sure to please.

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