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Auspicious dates and timing for chinese wedding

It is important to most chinese to choose auspicious dates for the betrothal “纳彩” pronounced “na cai”, installing the bridal bed “安床” pronounced “an chuang”, and the chinese wedding day “嫁娶” pronounced “jia qu”. Are you getting married in the dark? Other than the wedding date, some will also choose a good timing for the […]

What are some ideas for our guests at wedding reception tables?

Toasts At The Wedding Reception If your planning a wedding reception, and you´d rather not have your guests clinking their glasses to get the wedding couple to kiss, but would like to do something a little more interesting, have guests stand and sing a song that has the word ´love´ in it to make you […]

How can I plan a wedding?

Wording for Wedding Invitations For planning a wedding and handling the mention of a deceased parent, use the following wording for wedding invitations: “The son of Mrs. Jane Doe and the late Mr. John Doe” or “The son of Mrs. Jane and the late Mr. John Doe.” Often when the deceased parent is listed first […]

Choose An Auspicious Wedding Date – The Chinese Tradition

Importance of Choosing An Auspicious Wedding Date Your wedding day is, probably the most eventful part of your life, and so careful planning is essential to ensure that everything is perfect. The choice of the gown, the venue, the food, the number of guests, the souvenirs, the date, and other details must be thought of […]