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Western wedding veil or chinese phoenix crown?

Of course the wedding veil is the obvious choice as most modern chinese bride chooses to wear the western style wedding gown to start off the wedding. The bride may change into traditional chinese wear to reflect the heritage later in the day. Traditional rainbow robe and phoenix crown 凤冠霞披 The traditional chinese bride was […]

Wedding games and Gate-crashing the bridal chamber

Wedding games are played when well wishers in ancient chinese wedding gate-crashed the bridal chamber to tease the bride and groom. Some believed this tradition originated with good intentions. The groom’s relatives and friends wanted to frighten off any evil spirits lurking nearby by making the bridal chamber noisy and crowded. In the past when […]

Bride’s home visit 三朝回门

Traditionally the bride’s home visit is three days after the chinese wedding ceremony. For efficiency, modern chinese wedding usually compressed all the necessary events into a single day. One costume change equals three days! After the tea ceremony at the groom’s family home, the bride will change out of her western style wedding gown. This […]