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Wedding Planning Tips – Wedding Essentials

A wedding is not considered someone’s “big day” for nothing. For some people it is the formal expression of an endless commitment. For others, a wedding is simply an extravagant way of sealing the union between couples. But no matter how people look at it, it remains to be one of the most-celebrated events of […]

What are some wedding favor craft ideas?

Wedding Favor Craft Ideas Have the time and energy to make your own creative wedding favors? Try one of these ideas: -handmade magnets with the wedding date and couple´s names -origami animals (cranes are traditional good luck for weddings) -beeswax candles -handmade soap -homemade candy or cookies -engraved chopsticks -engraved spoon -engraved fork -engraved pen

What Bible reading can we have at our wedding?

Scriptural Love Song Song of Solomon has some lovely verses for weddings. One excellent choice is Song of Solomon 2:8-14, 16a; 8:6-7, a song about lovers that includes the verses, “´Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.´ My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, […]

Do You Want to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitation?

According to a survey reported by CNNmoney dot com, the average spending on a wedding is USD27,000 in 2006. This is not really a small amount of money. Indeed some couples may find that weddings are something quite expensive, if not extremely expensive. To this end, a couple will probably like to seek for different […]