The timeline for the chinese wedding begins with…

Proposal/ Decision to get married

He has proposed! You’re going to get married!

1. Announcement

There’s always someone to tell! Who shall hear it first? Your best friends or your Mum?

To your Mum, THIS is the official start of timeline for the chinese wedding…

2. Selection of auspicious dates
Auspicious dates are required for the chinese wedding, the betrothal and installation of the bridal bed.

3. Book the wedding banquet

Chinese wedding dinner setting
Chinese wedding dinner setting

You may need to book up to a year in advance if the dinner venue is popular or the date of the wedding banquet is either very auspicious or popular.

4. Book the bridal studio wedding package

It is very popular for chinese couples in South East Asia, Taiwan and China to produce a whole album of bridal photographs professionally.

The bridal studios will provide complete wedding packages from wedding gowns to wedding car rental.

Two and a half months prior to chinese wedding

1. Prepare chinese wedding invitations

chinese wedding invitation
chinese wedding invitation

If you are not satisfied with the wedding invitation cards provided in the wedding banquet package or there is none, you will need to source for the cards yourself.

One month prior to chinese wedding

1. Betrothal

Groom and friend or a matchmaker, if one was required by the bride’s parents, will deliver the betrothal gifts on the auspicious date chosen.

2. Distribution of chinese wedding invitation

After the betrothal, the chinese wedding invitations are distributed. It is also acceptable to distribute chinese wedding invitations by post.

One to two weeks prior to the chinese wedding

1. Brief helpers for the various wedding events.

2. Confirm attendance at the various wedding events.

3. Confirm booking details with:
– hotel or restaurant for wedding banquet
– bridal studio
– church
– caterers

One week prior to chinese wedding

1. Install the bridal bed

persimmonlotusdateslongan A good fortune woman will install the bridal bed in the bridal room or the couple’s new home.
2. Deliver the dowry

The bride’s parents will deliver the dowry to the bridal room or the couple’s new home.

The day before the chinese wedding

1. Collection of stuff needed

a. wedding gown, dinner gown, chinese wedding kwa, groom’s suits and dinner jackets,
b. wedding veils and bridal accessories,
c. bridal bouquets and buttonelles,
d. car decorations for bridal convoy, etc

2. Hair combing ceremony
Good fortune women will conduct this ceremony for the bride and groom in their respective homes the night before the chinese wedding.

3. Put up chinese wedding decorations

chinese weddnig paper cutting
chinese weddnig paper cutting

4. Set up the dragon and phoenix candles

Bride’s side will set up the two dragons and Groom’s side the two phoenix candles.

Chinese wedding day

In the wee hours of the morning, as early as four am, the bride will eat rice with her siblings and parents. This is a farewell meal, the last meal taken at her parents home before she is married off. In chinese beliefs, the bride belongs to the husband family after marriage.

Click on the sample chinese wedding day program for the events of the wedding day.

Click NOW!– a sample chinese wedding day program.

Toasting at wedding banquet
Toasting at wedding banquet

Chinese wedding banquet

The chinese wedding banquet may be on the same night as the chinese wedding day or on a different night.

End of the timeline for the chinese wedding… after so much hardwork, you really deserve that honeymoon!

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