Wax Seal Stamp for Wedding Envelope | Favor Box | Invitation Cards

Custom engraved wax seal stampers with your personal image/logo lends dignity, prestige, and a personal flair to letters, products, events & invitations.
IDEAL FOR: Perfect for weddings invitation card, invitation envelope, favor box, corporate gift and more!


  • Stamp Size : 20mm | 25mm | 30mm diameter * 90mm height
  • Stamper Head Material: 18K Copper coated.
  • Stamper Handle Material: Natural wood
  • Pattern: Please select our designs or provide your own design


  • Wax Seal Tube 
  • Wax Seal Rod
  • Wax Seal Rod Gun

Payment & Delivery:
Delivery Methods: DHL, UPS, Fedex or EMS (Delivered from Hong Kong)
Payment Methods: Bank Transfer or Paypal
*Total (Products + Delivery Cost) will be calculated and sent to you for payment.

Production time: 3-5 weeks
*If time is a critical issue, order earlier and tell us the Exact Date you want to receive it.


More style for selection


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