What are some ideas for our guests at wedding reception tables?

Toasts At The Wedding Reception

If your planning a wedding reception, and you´d rather not have your guests clinking their glasses to get the wedding couple to kiss, but would like to do something a little more interesting, have guests stand and sing a song that has the word ´love´ in it to make you kiss instead. You can get the ball rolling by alerting a few family members ahead of time and by placing this little poem on the tables: The bride and groom are newlyweds And we think that it has gone to their heads. So, if you clank the glasses so, We know their heads will only grow. So, instead we ask for one little thing, We request that you only sing. A line with the word ´Love´ in it. And this will make the couple kiss.
By Abigail Beal@LiteTips

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